I wonder what it would be like to be a millionaire.

My wife gave birth prematurely to a 1500-gram baby girl.

It's obvious Sjaak doesn't like Pascal.

What're you writing?


Lana can be trying at times.


My brother is very good at playing the guitar.


The collards that you gave me yesterday were delicious.

When you exercise your heart beats faster.

Carol never touched me.

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Toft became interested in music because his neighbor was quite a musician.

Think never talks about his feelings.

Tell Lonhyn to stop fooling around.

Do you know how to use a computer?

On no condition has he permission to touch it.

Rajarshi talked a lot.

There is only one way to be sure.

I hate everyone.

What do you like to cook the most?


Leon certainly makes juggling look easy.

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They were always playing.

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Your propaganda is not interesting.

How many palm trees are there in this oasis?

It's occupied.

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All these things cost money.

Lyndon doesn't think he is up to the job.

We cannot see the other side of the moon.

I ended up winning.

Acid rain is not a natural phenomenon.

You prefer to spend more time with Tatoeba than with me.

Juergen came to sit with me on the sofa.


You're being rude.

Johnathan was unaware of what had happened.

He watered the rose bush.

Did you look under the table?

I'm pretty sure Urs knows French.

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According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we must cut our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent by 2050.

She had white shoes on.

Do you believe Marco is innocent?


Srinivas suddenly understood what Diane was getting at.

This is insoluble in water.

We need that from Leads.


He was seized with sudden chest pains.


Do you have a place for a tent?

Who is the team's coach?

Don't interfere in my affairs.

Have you seen the new house that Marilyn lives in?

Mason is at home now.


I'm having a very hard time finding parts for my car.

Where are we right now?

You may leave the room.

No baseball player had been as admired as he was.

We all know her.

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

I'd do it all over again.

I'm not so convinced.

Will that make a difference?

My schedule is pretty crazy.

It's artificial.

As soon as you're finished looking at the "kairanban," please give it to the next person.

He already did that.


Is this normal behavior?


She's more powerful than you.


It's a timed competition.


Malaclypse is an amazing songwriter.

Raman learnt how to kill vampires.

Today is our wedding anniversary.


If anyone comes to see me, tell him that I am out.

If I can get a book from the library, it saves me from having to buy it in the bookshop.

Keep focused on your work.


Merat's the one who broke the window.

Our teacher is in a good mood.

He kept silent all the time during the interrogation.

Vinod pulled out his wallet and gave Miriamne some money.

These are original.

You don't want to know what I think.

I'll have everyone call me Tim from now on.

He cannot come out of the room until ten.

The nurse gave us flu shots.

You're a beauty.

Our eyes take time to adjust to the dark.


Everything will work out in due course.

She's more experienced than me.

Who else knew about Reiner?

He's no original thinker, but simply imitates what others have already said and done.

Hienz is a team player.


Real has a solution for everything.


He was called away on business.

I'll return to get my handbag.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate that.

Cold winds blow hard every winter.

Cambodia appealed to the United Nations for help.

I thought you looked familiar.

If you don't find a word in this dictionary, tell me and I will add it.

I think Jeanne is here already.

Rhyme and meter form the essential rules of Chinese poetry.

I'd like to go to my room.

Angus, Juan and John are playing cards in the living room.

This isn't correct.

Let the buyer beware.


He remained single all his life.

Would you please help me with this?

Are you on good terms with Krzysztof?

He went there instead of me.

I overslept so I was late to school.


The United States is the country that enlightens the world with its ideals of freedom. Political assassinations, military coups, invasions, bombings and torture are all undertaken by the United States in order to make the world a better place.

They used data from over ten thousand different books to compile their corpus.

Somebody has to do it.

The train gained speed.

Not only were there strong winds yesterday, but also it rained heavily.

The crow spread his wings.

Do you happen to know when Ninja is coming back?

Tell us a ghost story.

That's what I find alarming.

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They're Russian.

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What would you like to say to Marnix?

The car's parked opposite that building.

Edgar may have already ordered a pizza.

You know that you're right, don't you?

Darren played a Spanish folk tune on his English horn at a Chinese restaurant in France.


I don't want them to come.

Don't come dressed like bums.

I stayed home so I could rest.

Ramesh did a good job.

I'm looking forward to the next time.

He is not my father, he is my uncle.

You must miss her a lot.


I really hope that happens.

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The bus left the stop.

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Do we have to lie flat on the ground?


Pasta heated up again is never any good.

I arrived in Boston three days ago, but the rest of the family won't get here until tomorrow.

I mean to stop drinking.

I like to download books.

Mitchell stayed at home all weekend.

This car needs washing.

She made a series of medical discoveries.


They'll have a blast.


This is just what Margot needs.

I'd like to speak with Knute in private.

It's happening all over again.

This action left Edmond angry.

You should try the exam again.

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I don't like waiting in line.

Gretchen opened the trunk of the car.

I've studied your data.

There's no need to tell on him and mess up their marriage.

Tollefsen appears to be too tired to tackle that problem right now.

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The majority didn't accept the proposal.

I saw Vicki hide something.

I just went into debt.

I have gained weight.

A man of responsibility, he didn't leave the matter alone.


They didn't accept my credit card.

He arrived on time in spite of the rain.

I'm done with you.

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Gerald walked over to the window and pulled up the blind.


Charleen may not be as rich as he seems.

I'm getting married.

I can't write with this dull pencil.


Don't lay your fault at my door.